Our Sweet Story

From Kitchen to Candy Kingdom

Welcome to Andersen's Crazy Candy (ACC)—where our love for playful, mouthwatering adventures turned us from kitchen experimenters into the leaders of the freeze-dried candy kingdom. Launched in 2015, right from our family kitchen, we’ve grown into a colossal 100,000 square foot candy wonderland, armed with cutting-edge tech and a sprinkle of magic in every batch.


The OG of Freeze-Dried

Before "freeze-dried" was the candy buzzword, and long before the marketplace got crowded with contenders, ACC was there—pioneering, perfecting, and having fun. We’re talking about a time when freeze-dried sweets were a curious thought, a niche Etsy find. Fast forward to today, and thanks to our relentless innovation and zany creativity, we've catapulted these crunchy delights from the sidelines right into the mainstream munchies.