The Andersens

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Welcome to Andersen’s Crazy Freeze-Dried Candy, where a small family with a big sweet tooth decided to share their newfound passion with the world. This funky twist on classic candy favorites isn't just about spreading sunshine; it's about bringing friends and families together in a delightfully unique way!

Our journey began in 2015 when we added a freeze dryer to our basement as a step toward self-reliance. Little did we know, our love for sweets would also find its place in our emergency stash. We started experimenting with beloved treats like Skittles, salt water taffy, and classic gummy bears. With each delicious result, our joy overflowed, and we couldn't help but share it with family and 
friends. Soon, requests for more varieties poured in, and we saw an opportunity to teach our kids about self-reliance in a whole new, sweet way.

From those basement experiments, we've grown beyond our wildest dreams. But our core mission remains unchanged: to help people have fun, be happy, and savor the sweetness of great candy!

— Andersen Family


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