Our Promise

At Andersen's Crazy Candy (ACC), we believe that making the world a sweeter place shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of our candy creation process, from sourcing ingredients to packaging our delightful treats.


Eco-Friendly from the Ground Up

Sustainable Sourcing

Our journey begins with responsibly sourced ingredients and raw candy. We're working closely with suppliers who share our vision for a sustainable future, prioritizing natural, eco-friendly practices that support the environment and local communities.


Greener Packaging

We're on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint, one package at a time. Our packaging initiatives include using recyclable materials, reducing waste, and exploring innovative, biodegradable options to keep our planet clean and green.


Energy Efficiency & Waste Reduction

State-of-the-Art Efficiency

In our 100,000 square foot facility, we've implemented cutting-edge technologies to minimize energy use and maximize efficiency. Our large-scale freeze-dryers and automated packaging machines aren't just fast; they're designed to conserve energy and reduce waste.


Waste Not, Want Not

We're committed to a zero-waste philosophy. From optimizing our production processes to repurposing by-products, every step is taken with mindfulness towards minimizing waste and maximizing resourcefulness.


Future-Focused Partnerships

Funding for a Greener Tomorrow

Exciting developments are on the horizon, thanks to significant funding aimed at bolstering our sustainability efforts. This support is enabling us to innovate further, ensuring that ACC leads the way in eco-conscious candy manufacturing.


Collaborating with Giants

Our partnerships tell a story of shared sustainability goals. By collaborating with traditional manufacturers—who marvel at our capacity to order more Skittles than even Costco—we're integrating our sustainable practices with industry leaders. These partnerships, alongside collaborations with some of the biggest names in confectionery and retail, are setting new standards for what it means to produce candy responsibly.



Community Engagement and Certifications

Giving Back

Sustainability means supporting not just the environment, but the people within it. We're actively engaging with our community through initiatives aimed at improving lives and protecting nature. Our efforts extend to supporting local causes and global sustainability missions.


Certified Commitment

We're pursuing certifications that recognize our dedication to sustainable practices. These certifications are not just badges of honor; they're part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability in our quest for a healthier planet.


Looking Ahead

Our promise is to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in candy manufacturing, ensuring that as we grow, we do so responsibly. ACC is more than a candy company; we're a future-focused innovator dedicated to making the world a sweeter—and greener—place.

Together, let's celebrate the joy of candy and the beauty of our planet, one eco-friendly treat at a time.


The ACC Difference: Leading with Flavor, Innovation, and Reliability 

At Andersen's Crazy Candy (ACC), we're not just another name in the freeze-dried candy market; we're the trailblazers who set the standard. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability sets us apart in a crowded space. Here's how ACC rises above the rest, making every bite an undeniable proof of our leadership.


Taste the Difference

Unmatched Flavor Profiling: At ACC, flavor isn't just a part of the process; it's our passion. Our candies boast deeper, richer, and more vibrant tastes, thanks to our proprietary freeze-drying techniques and dedication to high-quality ingredients. This isn't just candy; it's an experience.


Scale and Speed

Unparalleled Production Capabilities: Our 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility isn't just for show. It enables us to produce more, faster, and better. With the ability to pack 10,000 bags per hour and house the largest freeze-dryers in the country, ACC can meet demands that others can only dream of.

On-Time, Every Time: In the world of candy, timing is everything. That's why ACC prides itself on a track record of reliability. Our logistical prowess and efficient production process mean we deliver on time, every time, ensuring our partners and customers are never left waiting.

Sustainability: Our Sweet Spot

Eco-Conscious from Raw Candy to Bag: Sustainability isn't just a buzzword at ACC; it's a way of life. From eco-friendly sourcing to green packaging, we're committed to making candy that's as kind to the planet as it is delightful to your taste buds.


A Legacy of Innovation

Pioneering the Freeze-Dried Candy Frontier: ACC didn't just join the freeze-dried candy trend; we started it. Before the market knew what hit it, we were already perfecting recipes and processes, establishing a legacy that many have tried to follow.


Proven Leadership

Not Just Hype, But History: The numbers speak for themselves. ACC's expansive retail footprint and robust distribution network underscore our position as the market leader. While competitors have been loud about their presence, ACC has been busy solidifying ours with undeniable performance and growth.

Customer Love: Our customers aren't just buyers; they're part of the ACC family. Their testimonials speak volumes about the joy and satisfaction our candies bring into their lives, reaffirming why we do what we do.


Visualizing the ACC Journey


  • A timeline showcasing ACC's milestones from kitchen experiments to becoming the industry's gold standard.
  • Side-by-side taste test results highlighting ACC's superior flavors.
  • A graph depicting ACC's production capabilities and on-time delivery record against industry averages.
  • Eco-initiatives and their impact, illustrating ACC's commitment to sustainability.

The ACC Advantage: It's not just one thing that sets us apart—it's everything we do. From our unwavering commitment to quality and flavor to our innovative production techniques and our dedication to the planet, ACC stands tall as the true leader in the freeze-dried candy space.

Join us in celebrating the joy of candy made right. With ACC, it's not just candy; it's a movement towards sweeter, happier, and more sustainable snacking.